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Cats as Pets - Medical Info, Behavioral Help, Training a New Kitten, and more!
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Cats as Pets

On this page we have links to information about cats as pets. We will try to address issues such as behavioral problems like scratching, common medical problems, and training new kittens. If there is an issue you would like to see addressed, or you have some additional insight on one already discussed here, please feel free to write us. Thanks!

Caring for Your Cat - General Care and Medical Information

Caring for Orphaned or Very Young Kittens
The San Franciso SPCA's Feral Cat Care Page. Lots of Links to great Information, including Neo-natal Kitten care!
Monitoring Your Cat's Health - Behavior and the 'Scoop on Poop'
Moving or Traveling with Your Cat - Easing the Pain!
Do-It-Yourself Cat Fence

Behavioral Problems

Clawing the Furniture or Carpet
Everywhere but the Litterbox! Causes and Solutions to Elimination Problems
Litterbox Management - It can Prevent Elimination Problems From Even Starting!
Spraying, How to Treat This Bad Habit

Links to Feline Health Web Sites

About Declawing - From Lisaviolet's Cathouse (a MUST read if you are considering declawing)
Countering Arguments for De-clawing (great article from Feline Future)
Plants that are toxic to cats (also from Feline Future)
Feline Future Cat Care and Health Articles (great stuff folks! If you have never had a cat before you should read every article on this page!)
Cat Network Feline Health Articles
Cat Health Links (Great list of links!)
Love for Animals (Great info on special medical conditions, such as feline herpes)



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