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Remember: Not spaying or neutering your pet, and not ensuring it is vaccinated against disease, is a form of abuse. Thanks!

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Volunteer with Meower Power

We always need more helping hands! Volunteering with Meower Power puts you under no obligation to participate in every event. Your level of participation at any time is entirely up to you.

Meower Power especially needs the assistance of veterinarians and vet techs in the Tidewater (Hampton Roads) area of Virginia, in order to continue our low-cost spay/neuter clinics for feral cats. If you can help, please call 757-558-0215 or submit the form below.

To volunteer, simply fill out the form below as completely as possible. If you provide an email address we will contact you electronically and verify receipt of your submission. If you provide a telephone number we will answer you with a phone call within one business week.

You can indicate how you wish to participate in the comments box of the form, or you can review the list of current needs and tell us what activities from the list interest you. Thank you from all of us at MPFCC and all of our feline friends!

We also have memberships, which require dues and participation in monthly meetings. For more information call us at 757-399-0001 or email Meower Power.

Volunteer Form


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If you prefer to be contacted by telephone, please give us the best possible time to reach you. For example: '6pm to 8pm, weekdays' or 'Sat. between noon and 5pm'.

Best time to be reached:

Feel free to include any special talents you have which you feel may be useful to MPFCC. Thanks!




Current Needs

Meower Powertm currently needs volunteers to help with the following activities:

  • Volunteers for the adoption program at the Newport News PETsMARTtm location, and the Chesapeake location.
  • Home Inspectors: our policy requires a home inspection before an adopted animal is released to the new family. This requires mostly evenings, one or two hours. Schedule is determined by inspector and adopting family.
  • Telephone representatives. This will require some training, but most work will be done from home.
  • Foster homes for adoptable cats. This will require an initial home inspection. Some cats will be ill and require special care from stay-at-home foster people. If you can do this, we REALLY need you!
  • Paperwork: record keeping, mailing lists, writing letters, etc. Can be done from home on a computer.
  • Publicity and/or fundraising
  • Grants coordinator: applying for grants and researching grants.
  • Trapping Team: will require training on trapping and handling ferals. Once trained the volunteer will train others, develop trapping plans, and provide trapping assistance where needed and for feral Spay Days.
  • Veterinarian: we need a vet to volunteer services for a once a month spay/neuter day on a weekend. Reduced fee ferals will be the only animals operated on. See 'Notes for Veterinarians' for more info on ow to handle ferals.
  • Feral Colony Assessment and Management: you can do either one or both. An assessment involves investigation of a report of a feral colony, searching for colonies, census taking on a colony, and discovering if colony is under care already. Management involves caretaking for the colony. This includes feeding, providing shelters, trapping new adults for vaccination and spay/neuter, trapping kittens for rehab and adoption and mothers for spay/neuter and vaccination, and tracking colony population. It may involve relocation if colony is threatened by new construction or neighborhood hostility. Assistance for these will be provided by MPFCC, such as donation of food for feeding, and donations toward medical care.
  • Writers/Editors for monthly newsletter.




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